World of Interests was created in July 2019 by its current administrators, Chiara “oscuro_errante” Saroglia and Francesca “Lakedamia” Bocconcino, both of them from Italy, and from the beginnings of 2020 has a new contributor, Elisa Scartapacchio, also from Italy; its primary ambition is not only to offer advice about what books to read, but also articles about the most various topics, from history to sci-fi to fantasy to anything else could be of interest to the creators and the readers alike.

Chiara “oscuro_errante” Saroglia

University student and blogger

Graduated in Cultural Heritage at the University of Turin, I’m going to take a master’s degree in History in the same University.
I’m also administrator of World of Interests (with my friend and colleague below) and associate of Talking Trek – Star Trek Podcast Italia.

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Francesca “Lakedamia” Bocconcino

University student and blogger

I’m graduating in History, with a major focus on Ancient History (Greek, Roman, Estrucan), at the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna. I plan on taking a Master’s degree in History in the same University.

With my friend and collegue Chiara I administrate World of Interests, while also working on my other blog “Book Lover” with another team.

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Elisa Scartapacchio

University students and blogger

Graduted in Cultural Heritage at the University of Milan (La Statale), I’m currently studying for a Master’s Degree in History at the University of Turin. In Turin I met my friend Chiara, who invites me to join this blog, which is my first experience as blogger.

Enjoy our site!

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